Product Description

We are going to add some very attractive cars to our POLICAR HOME RACERS line, these will be robust yet properly performing models aimed at racing at home.

The Subaru BRZ models, coming in six shining metallic colours, have been engineered with a new chassis to make use of original bushings, axles, wheels and tyres to guarantee the best home performance and reliability at anincredible budget price. With front working lights, too, and a set of racing stickers.

The cars can be easily converted to any major digital racing system with our universal digital in-car chip O201c1 (available separately).


Main features:

  • Chassis: a totally new, single piece chassis, assembled with original parts
  • Sintered bronze rear bushing, designed to stay in place under stress
  • Strong adjustable magnet, that can be removed easily. These cars race well with no magnet, too!
  • Wheels: genuine plastic wheels and inserts, a tried and tested combination on all other POLICARmodels.
  • Tyres: tyres (PT1228C1)
  • Lights: working front lights as standard.
  • Upgrades: these cars may be upgraded with most high performance racing wheels, tyres, crowns and motors.


Codes are following:


POLCT01t – Subaru BRZ Orange

POLCT01u – Subaru BRZ Light Blue

POLCT01v – Subaru BRZ Yellow

POLCT01w – Subaru BRZ Silver

POLCT01x – Subaru BRZ Mid Blue

POLCT01y – Subaru BRZ Red


When available these will make perfect add-ons to the POLT001A -UK starter set due in a few weeks time.