Product Description

Ferrari 312 B2 by Policar – NEW Tooling for early 2020

Here is what Policar are saying……

The Ferrari 312 B2 is arguably one of the most beautiful F1 cars ever. Such a model deserves to be done with proper accuracy. Time went by faster than we thought, but eventually, we’re finally able to offer for pre-order  our first Ferrari F1 model, the beautiful 312 B2. We have designed different noses, spoilers, rear wings , suspensions and many more details in order to match the different shapes that the car was raced with.

Our first version from 1971 comes with standard front wings, shock absorbers mounted right under the rear wing, and period correct motor cover. The flared-in front wings were only used once at the British GP and will be the subject of a later model. Changes for the 1972 model include a larger rear wing, shock absorbers placed in a more usual position, different suspension leverage attachment to the chassis, and the wide front nose that was used only in South Africa.

We have also designed a new set of 13″ wheels and tyres that will be used where necessary for all Policar models. All models are built around the state of the art, unsurpassed Policar motor mount and drive train.